Educational Regret Undone

My education disappoints me. I surprise even myself writing that line. But looking back at my post-high school choices, I feel I missed something, somewhere. Vaguely. I missed opportunities. I let potential slip by. I rushed too much. I only understood what I wanted from my education after it was finished.

What an introduction! Here it is, my first column, an education column no less, and I lead with my disappointing education. But I want transparency. I refuse the pretense that I possess the greatest expertise in the field of education. I possess passion for education. I possess experience in pursuing an education and providing an education. I possess a great many opinions regarding problems and solutions for the country’s educational system, top to bottom. But an expert I am not. I want to showcase successful educators, failing systems, students of all ages who are changing their world, and educational research and legislation. I will address education in all its facets. First, however, I address educational regret.

Read more from the WomanScope website or on page 26 of  the March 2013 edition of WomanScope News Magazine.


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